EAGLE Applications

Many applications and toolkits have already been created for the EAGLE development environment, and more are being made every day. These include:
    Name Function
    Portal Roles-based single-point Web access to applications from multiple vendors
    SIM Secure Instant Messaging
    Mover Migration and versioning toolset
    GURTH Report formatting, display, and manipulation tool
    JASS Project management software
    PASS Workflow management
    ECHO Automated job submission a la cron
    Calendar Roles-based access-controlled input and retrieval of calendar information
    Banner Portal announcements with user acknoledgement feature
    PDF Generator Display enterprise data in PDF format
    XAC eXternal Access Control
    PDA Access Display enterprise data in a handheld device or telephone
    (In development)
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The EAGLE Portal application establishes a Web-based single access point for a user's needed data, applications, shortcuts, and toolsets. Users are given secure, reliable access to exactly the tools they need-- no more, no less.

KEY CONCEPT: The EAGLE Portal provides Web-based access to users' data and applications.          

Portal features include
  • support for multiple roles
  • single-signon authentication
  • customizable menus
  • global control of look-and-feel
  • group-based access control
  • integration of realtime data and applications
    from multiple vendors across multiple platforms



KEY CONCEPT: SIM provides secure instant messaging.         



Once you have your EAGLE-powered site in place, you will need tools to help you manage objects and pages, enable updates and testing, manage development cycles, and so on. Mover is a suite of tools designed to facilitate moving, copying, and managing EAGLE pages and objects. Full documentation

KEY CONCEPT: Mover allows you to move EAGLE pages and objects between regions, or to copy and rename them within the same region.



GURTH allows an end user to view data reports via the Web instead of printing them.

GURTH also allows an administrator to configure and define which aspects of a report an individual user should be able to view-- down to the field level.

KEY CONCEPT: GURTH (Generate User Reports To HTML) provides Web-based report viewing capability as an alternative to wasteful and time-consuming printing processes.

GURTH also provides the following features:
  • View wide reports on one screen (GURTH has zoom in/out feature)
  • Secure report sectional viewing by security and retention
  • Print current page or report section of pages
  • Use any web browser
  • Hide columns to customized views
  • Retrieve archived reports - with notice to user on web page when report has been retrieved and loaded into GURTH
  • Text search (GURTH has find/re-find feature through a section that highlights the line when search string is found)
  • Simultaneously review multiple reports (by opening multiple browser windows)



KEY CONCEPT: JASS is an EAGLE-driven, Web based project manager with version history.          



KEY CONCEPT: PASS is an EAGLE-driven, Web based workflow manager.              



ECHO (or ECCO) is an automated job submission system.

KEY CONCEPT: ECHO is similar in function to UNIX cron, the Windows at command, and the CICS Event Controller.



Calendar provides customizable views to enterprise event data. Events can appear as links which can be clicked to display additional information. Users can view future dates, customize views, and view events for their different roles.

KEY CONCEPT: Calendar provides customizable views to enterprise event data.



The portal banner displays current user broadcast information. The presentation of banner information is customizable by roles, priority(low, medium, high), and frequency of display (once, daily, weekly, permanent). Banner items are clickable by the user to acknowledge their receipt and hide them in future displays.

KEY CONCEPT: Banner displays pertinent, timely information to portal users.


PDF Generator

The PDF Generator allows you to display enterprise data in PDF format for precise control over look and feel.

KEY CONCEPT: You can display enterprise data in PDF format.


XAC- eXternal Access Control

XAC provides mainframe-authenticated access to data not directly accessible by the mainframe. This permits the ability to send binary files-- images, .wav files, remote databases, video streams, and so on-- to end users based on their authority. In other words, XAC can extend your existing EAGLE security to provide controlled access to any remote resource.

KEY CONCEPT: XAC provides secure access to remote resources.


PDA Access

EAGLE allows you to customize the view of your data for use with handheld computing devices.

KEY CONCEPT: EAGLE can modify presentation of enterprise data for different destination devices.